Send us an email to inform you of the sale of this hostel, because immediately the season starts and everything has to be ready. Hostal Sale of hostel in Spain, north, in Camino Primitivo a Santiago de Compostela, Now it has 20 capacity seats, which can be increased.

Vente d’auberge em Espagne

Although the pandemic continues, the road is full of pilgrims and the holy year is extended until 2022, due to the abnormality of this year due to the pandemic. This hostel has a very good price, is in perfect condition, ready to operate and also with another business in the commercial area that has been in operation for 36 years, which can continue to guarantee an income to the buyer. It is also a safe value since it is located in the center of the town, a place of passage for the entire town and the road passes in front of the door. It is in the town hall square and is a commercial area for any type of business or housing.

Hostal Sale of hostel in Spain is a safe value, it is working and in increasing value every year. Consult us in the mail

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Venta de albergue de peregrinos en el camino de Santiago, camino Primitivo. Es una opción para vosotros que queréis vivir con todo lo bueno que aporta.
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